Twitter Flushes Spammers

There was a flushing of the system over at twitter on Friday night. Twitter was doing some house cleaning by cracking down and removing spam accounts and bots that automatically follow people. We received reports of people dropping anywhere from 25 to 125 followers. The good news is these were not real people and technically were not you for content anyway. This is not the first Twitter purged spam account on their system. The Spam accounts on Twitter are clogging the system and becoming a problem Twitter needed to address. WE believe this is a going to become a regular experience much like the way Google flexes its muscle through page rank. The question becomes how they decided who to chop, there must have been some type of standard. There are sources that are saying that the majority of the followers got removed, including some definitely legitimate ones, we have not heard or seen anyone with a legit account complain that their account was deleted. Twitter Blog reported users with large followings may see significant changes as we correct for spam accounts and data inconsistencies. We might not have even noticed except the trending topics appeared Spammers Perish and How Many Followers. There was no warning and we do not know what offenders did to be noticed. The new reality is someone is watching what you do and if it is wrong you are gone. This also could have been just them removing the accounts that were not used or suspended either on.

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