Another Democrat in the tank

As the saying goes desperate times call for desperate measures that is where Democratic Senator Christopher Dodd finds himself. A recent poll showed Dodd running nine points behind former GOP congressman Rob Simmons. Clearly the toughest re-election fight in 30 years. He makes the claim that he denies special interest and lobbyists. He amy be denying their thought but not their cash, he is still cashing lobbyist campaign checks and rubbing shoulders with them at fundraisers and party gatherings. The theme of the campaign has been lobbyists can’t get meetings with Dodd, he won’t return their phone calls, and will not even give them the time of day. The most vulnerable Senate Democrat in 2010, has driven home his message in fundraising pitches and campaign videos. We find out this does not mean he is not raking in tens of thousands of dollars in lobbyist campaign contributions this year. He has stopped letting lobbyists host fundraising events. It means he will not be kept from schmoozing with lobbyists at places like Martha’s Vineyard, a favorite summer getaway spot for the rich and famous off the Massachusetts coast. This where he attended the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee weekend retreat where close to thirty senators joined major party donors, including lobbyists. Since he is on the front lines of healthcare in Senator Ted Kennedy absence this has been a cash cow. The contributions have been reported from The Glover Park Group, Richard Tarplin, Christopher R. O’Neill, the Podesta Group, and Heather Podesta + Partners, Dodd has collected $436,062 from lobbyists since 2005, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Dodd has been criticized for collecting Wall Street contributions while chairing the Senate banking panel. He’s also come under fire for his role in writing a bill that protected bonuses for executives at bailed-out insurer AIG, and for allegations he got favorable treatment on two mortgages with Countrywide. This guys has to go and do not let the door hit you on the way out.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Movie Debut 13 days
Inglorious Bastards Movie Debut 27days
Election Day 2009 102 days
Days until 2010 – 162 days
Calgary Winter Olympics 211 days
Days until a New President 1275 days

National Debt 7/23/1999   5,636,001,455,884.82
National Debt 7/23/2009   11,605,521,079,842.13

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