President Obama lack of Reality Check

After watching President Barack Obama gave his fifth press conference in six months. This was the fourth on in prime time. That compared to President Bush who did four in eight years. The President moved into the East Room of the White House and was met by a press core with no bite. He spoke on his agenda for healthcare for nine minutes and then was asked questions for the next 46 minutes. The softballs were pitched in if the question had any fight; the president just took the question where he wanted. President did not take any questions from Fox, CNN or MSNBC. Our favorite quote of the night was when President Obama looked into the camera and said “My Plan is the Best One.” We have no heard anything has not been saying the last ten days, two thirds is deficit neutral and the other third supplemented with tax dollars from the rich. He did come a new a figure saying the inherited a 1.3 trillion dollar deficit even though it was last reported by President Bush budget office it was around $455 billion. We also know that when this number is updated for August release it is going to be 1.8 trillion.

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