Polyphonic changing music business

There is going to be a new talent finder on the music landscape. The company called Polyphonic will invest in new and rising artists who are not signed to record deals and then help them create their own direct links to audiences over the Internet. The idea is from Brian Message, manager of the alternative band Radiohead. The rise of the Internet as a means of promoting and distributing music is moving at light speed. Physical album sales fell 20 percent, while sales of individual digital tracks rose 27 percent, to 1.07 billion. Well established Bands see that they can direct distribute their music and have dropped the need for a major label keeping a larger share of their revenue. Polyphonic, will treat each band that receive investments from the firm will operate like start-up companies, recording their own music and choosing outside contractors to handle their publicity, merchandise and touring. This is a 360 operation but giving the bad a stake in the compensation. The artist will share in all the profits from their music and touring. They will maintain ownership of their own copyrights and master recordings. The niche is a band dropped from a label because of sales under 150,000 these artists can still make music and tour in multiple cities, and still have a profitable band.

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