AT&T e-Book Reader Announced

When ever something is hot there will be a copy cat. The first in this case was the highly successful Kindle e-book reader. Once an idea takes hold a new platform comes along either trying to advance or add bells and whistles. Enter AT&T which is planning to support an electronic book reading device. The device will be created by Plastic Logic Ltd. which has a deal in place with Barnes & Noble that they will supply digital versions of books for its device. The Kindle uses Amazon’s e-book store and a wireless connection provided by Sprint Nextel Corp. Since AT&T is the number one carrier in the US and they already hold an exclusive contract with Apple for the iPhone the alignment seems right. The improvement is the screen will be close to 8.5 by 11 inches, and display business documents in nearly full size. There are two newspapers already on board the USA Today and the Detroit Free Press. The AT&T network is compatible with overseas carriers, which means that the Plastic Logic reader could work internationally, unlike the Kindle. AT&T is eager to see more non-phone devices use its network, and has set up an Emerging Devices division to attract manufacturers. The only truth is Amazon has led the way here and it will be interesting to see where everyone stands when the dust settles. Verizon insiders say the have been approached to market five different e-book readers on their network as well. The device is not set to ship until early next year. The hope was to have ready for the holiday season but it look more like spring of 2010.

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