White House Health Care Infomercial

The White House has decided that their message is not getting out on Healthcare. They might have realized that the nation is disgusted with fake news from Newsweek, NYT, and Time Magazine that all lean to the left. The White house is going to use their best spokesperson to drive home the message; yes, you guessed it President Barack Obama will be on your Television doing a commercial. The 30-second ads will begin airing Wednesday in Washington, D.C aiming to boost his drive to revamp health care. Then the ad will play on cable TV nationally. A version will run on local stations in eight states Arkansas, Indiana, Florida, Louisiana, Maine, North Dakota, Nebraska, and Ohio. The ad will have private citizens describe problems they have had with the medical system. The sponsor for the spot is the Organizing for America, have you heard of them before well yes you have that is the Obama campaign organization. They are now a part of the national Democratic Party. The ad will run for two weeks. We are not sure if there is a cameo by the President but it will be a huge surprise if he does not get a few seconds of face time and a couple of words in before the ad is over.

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