President Obama $12B for Community College

President Barack Obama cannot spin the truth so he conceding unemployment will get worse before it gets better. Then you ask how President Obama plans to fix this buy printing more money of course. The printing presses have been running overtime since the Obama administration has started. The latest is another $12 billion for a plan to help community colleges prepare millions of people for a new generation of jobs. He is calling the new cash grab for academia American Graduation Initiative. The plan will try to train people for jobs in the clean energy industry. The government competitive grants would be offered to schools to try new programs or expand training and counseling. The money could also be used to renovate and rebuild facilities, and online courses would be developed to help colleges offer more classes. The White House says the cost would be $12 billion over 10 years. President Obama claimed it would be paid for by ending wasteful subsidies to banks and private lenders of student loans. Unemployment is now at 9.5 percent, the highest in 26 years. Right now there are six million students attending community college, President Obama is setting a goal of eleven million college graduates. This of course is at a time when the government is working already on a $1 trillion deficit.

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