Kim Jong-il – out with a bang

We find today that North Korea leader 67-year-old Kim Jong-il, has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. We have heard reports his health has been worsening after a reported stroke last year. The question is this life-threatening cancer the trigger for the lashing out against the United States and President Barack Obama. The South Korea National Intelligence Service has not confirmed the report as of yet. The North Korea nuclear and missile tests in the first part of this year are cause for concern in the stability of the regime. Kim Jong-il youngest son the 25-year-old Kim Jong-un, is said to have been chosen as his heir, but North Korea has made no such announcement. This is all speculation as these reports would not be easily released and considered treacherous. A family feud could happen, as Kim Jong-il brother-in-law, Jang Song-thaek, is right now the second-in-command as the National Defense Commission. We believe that even though groomed for the job, the thought of taking commands from your 25-year-old nephew. Then there is a question of legacy Kim Jong-il will go out holding down what his father started and the proliferation of nuclear weapons for North Korea. Is that enough to take with you to the grave and for the history books, as they are still only a little shadow of China or Russia.

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