Who stands up for you?

Today we find out that for all the together we can, hope and change the current administration laid on to get into office. The Senator who claimed he was an outsider and not going to be caught in the same crowd. Yelling from the podium on at the campaign stops he was going to stop lobbyists. As it turns out the first person to stand up to big business and lobbyists was Louisiana Republican David Vitter. He shot a measure through the senate that accomplished more of what President Obama said he was going to do and has not done. The senate approved 55-36, that the people in the United States could get lower-cost drugs from Canada over the Internet this is a defeat to the powerful drug lobby, which has so far prevailed in defeating widespread imports of drugs from Canada and other places where prices are far lower than in the United States. We applaud Louisiana Republican David Vitter as we know that is it unclear whether the idea will survive House-Senate on a final version of the bill. We are just happy to report that a Republican is doing something about what President Obama used to get elected and then turned a blind eye to staying the course.


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