President Obama Sanctions over anything

You have got to hand it to President Barack Obama after a half-year of extending wishy washy love notes to Iran; he has decided a timeline was in order. He went on a mamby pamby offensive by warning Tehran it must show willingness to negotiate an end to its nuclear program by September or face consequences. We all knew what those terrible consequences are, new U.N. sanctions or unilateral U.S. penalties, which we danced with Iraq for ten years without success. The September date that was announced is for Iran to respond to offers to discuss its nuclear program. So you can write this down that in September they will re-evaluate Iran’s posture toward negotiating the cessation of a nuclear weapons policy. In true President Obama fashion he did not mention ether sanctions or military force. To be fair to the Obama administration this did not go the way they wanted it to play out. He had hoped for a better result in the Iran June elections, as complicated as those were made him push nuclear talks off until there was a winner. Then it was not the winner they hoped for as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was reelected. The bottom line is Iran is one to three years away from the capability to make nuclear weapons. This seems like a reply of Iraq ten years ago except everyone is certain Iran has the weapon and is even closer to using it. This is the time when the President needs to send a message and stop the block ships route, this approach of being everyone friend and hoping our allies and even non allies will do the dirty work for us.

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