Jumpo Ding – Gaming Co-operative

There is a new Flash Game Site that is looking to get some Beta Testers, the New Game Site – Jumpo Ding! There is a lot to do including on of our favorite games Tetris and there is ten different versions. There are some cool features to this site the first and foremost it is free to people who just want to play games. You can earn reward points as registered members which is free. Those Reward points can be exchanged for cash or prizes. The other exciting piece is the co-op site concept. This offers “stake-holder” membership for registered members who take part in at least one free affiliate offer or shop from at least one affiliate. After taking part in one of the free affiliate offers or after shopping from one affiliate, registered members become stake-holders, and are eligible for profit sharing, dividends, voting on site operations, premium access to content, games, and puzzles, and more. You should visit the site and sign up for free registration. Beta testers will receive free reward points and automatic stake-holder status based on their activity and input! Become part of community and leave general comments in the forum. This is fun and there is no clucky software to install to play, just click and play.

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