President Obama From Russia without love

President Barack Obama says goodbye after two days with Russia and no love. This is another trip where he pretends America is at fault for everything and we are sorry. He again brought a bunch of things America was willing to do for the good of the global community. The Russians did agree as expected on deep cuts in nuclear arsenals; stop me if you heard this before. This is why when the USSR crumbled we still do not know where a bunch of dirty bomb suitcase bombs are hidden. Going back to the summit which produced the same old results we have become used to under the President Obama administration. The time for confrontational Cold War thinking is well-past. America wants Russia to be strong, peaceful and prosperous. The Russians brought these nuggets to the table, no hope for a Kremlin offer of direct intervention with Tehran. Moving to Georgia, where the Russian army crushed their military, the Kremlin rejected U.S. complaints. They will not back away from over the US support for Georgia’s hopes to join NATO. There was no progress in the dispute over arms control. We understand open dialog is a good thing but we have seen this President traipse around the world telling leaders from other nations thing US is willing to give in on to get concessions from those leaders, or build good will. When we look at it we think he is just lowering our stature and presuming us weak. This could be the reason North Korea has tested him 5 times in his first six months. Next up is the G-8 summit in Italy, before moving on to Ghana where he plans to deliver a major foreign policy speech.

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