Blogs on Paper – Back to the Internet

If you are going to compete against newspapers, now is a good time using the kick them when they are down. The idea was to start a newspaper that was filled with material from blogs. The Printed Blog a Chicago start-up will stop publishing the paper because they have run out of money and could not raise enough additional capital. The idea in theory was sound, granted the readers are going online, but advertisers still pay more to appear in print. If you did not know the Printed Blog would take free articles and pictures from blogs, with their permission, and print them on 11-by-17-inch pieces of paper. Then sell ads to local businesses and distributed the papers at train stations in Chicago and San Francisco. The final tally on the venture The Printed Blog distributed 80,000 print copies and 100,000 downloaded copies of 16 issues before shutting down. The cost for the majority investors was $750,000 before the well ran dry and so did interest. The company believes they grew too big to fast and if to do over again they would pick one train station in one neighborhood and publish once a week to start. The problem with newspapers was not the content and paying reporters that was vital it is the fact of not having enough time to read and the news is old before it gets to your door step.

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