CIA torture report delayed again

The CIA report that has been put off once is being delayed again. The infamous report that President Barack Obama promised was part of his inauguration day transparency pledge. We all know this was just a way to be open about the President Bush administration tactics. Now they need another two more months to review an internal CIA report on the agency’s secret detention and interrogation program before making it public. The report by the CIA’s inspector general questioned the effectiveness of harsh interrogation methods employed by CIA interrogators during the Bush administration, such as waterboarding. The report contains information that overlaps with other CIA documents that they also must review and release by a court-ordered Aug. 31 deadline. The American Civil Liberties Union filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit for release of all documents related to the interrogation program. This can of worms never should have been opened and the need for President Obama to make a splash going in has left juggling to many balls. This is one that he should have left in the closet as sometimes it is better to do nothing, the appear to doing something when you really are doing nothing at all.

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