Bing beats Google to the Punch

We heard rumors and posted on June 13, 2009 that Google was trying to incorporate twitter into search results. Turns out that an unlikely rival has not only thought of that is starting to use it. Microsoft new search Bing, Wednesday the search engine would begin including the latest output of popular Twitter users in its search results. The change will affect a limited number of Twitter-related searches. When you search, tea512 tweets or @tea512 in the Bing search box, the top result will be our most recent Twitter updates. Microsoft said it had picked a few thousand Twitter accounts based on their number of followers. Bing will update the Twitter results every 60 seconds. This does not involve any special relationship between Microsoft and Twitter. Google does index Twitter profiles and some older tweets, Bing is the first major search engine that is integrating with Twitter almost in live time. Amazing that Microsoft has created something that is getting decent buzz and is forward thinking. There is sentence we have not written about Microsoft in a long time.

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