Will not tax anyone making >$250,000

This is what we heard over and over again on the campaign trail. This is the mantra that President Barack Obama used to get elected. This is the proof that Americans can be led like sheep to slaughter as the audacity of hope has turned out to be just hopeless. First we heard he was going to allow tax on healthcare this will surely mean taxing people who make less than $250k. Then we find out in the cap and trade mandate the utility companies could raise rates anywhere from $150 to $4,000 a year, we are pretty sure this is going to affect many people who make less than 250K. The trifecta is the retro fitting of homes before they can be sold. This one is a double dip, first like the others this is going to be felt by people who make less than 250K trying to to sell a home, it has  just gotten even harder. Imagine you are laid off trying to dump your house because your ARM is through the roof, the loan modification only dropped your payment $100 and if you want to sell you need to sink $5,000 in go-go green incentives to get out. Then you can put your house on the market at a price for sale you though it was worth ten years ago. It does not matter anyway as no one is buying, the banks are not lending, and every one is waiting for it to rebound. They question we have for you Mr. President is, are you sure we have not hit the bottom yet? Then the follow up is, was it your agenda to get us there?

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