Pre is saving Palm

Palm had sold 300,000 Pre phones which are considerably higher than projected estimates and the company is struggling to keep up with demand. Based on these numbers moving forward Palm will now is produce 15,000 units a day. The bigger news is the expectation is Palm will ship one million phones to Sprint in the first full quarter of production. Palm will be looking to expand the market; right now they have an exclusive contract with Sprint for the Pre. The star of the Pre is the OS and can be laid on other versions of smart phones. The question at that time is if AT&T will sell the device head to head against the iPhone. Sprint advertising has been ramping up buying full page ads and using the tag line Your iPhone contract is up, Perfect timing. The Palm Pre does things the iPhone can’t. The Palm Pre does allow multiple applications to run at one time, this is something thew iPhone cannot do. When you are using an application it goes to full screen. The Pre can run two applications in a smaller set meaning you can play a game and monitor email at the same time.

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