Hollywood studios loses DVR battle

The Supreme Court back at work made a couple of decision today that is actually the right thing based on commonsense. They allowed the use of a new digital video recorder system that could make it cheaper and easier for viewers to record shows and watch them when they want, without commercials. The TV industry and in this case Cablevision Systems argued this kind of remote-storage DVR violates copyright laws. This is a standard response when anything artistic is being used by the consumer there way. The action means that Cablevision and other cable companies soon will be able to offer DVR service without need for a box in their homes. The remote storage unit exists on computer servers maintained by a cable provider. The President Obama administration had urged the court not to hear the case. They were not alone as The Screen Actors Guild, songwriters, music companies, Major League Baseball, the National Football League and the NCAA all sided with the networks and studios in asking for high court review. This of course does not mean a free service for consumers but programs would be stored on servers and played in an on demand capacity instead of coming off an internal hard drive. The cable company would need to licenses the content and space and storage would be an issue so cutting the commercials would give way to a leaner interface.

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