Bankruptcy of Clear Program leaves data exposed

Now that we have seen the shutdown of the Clear program which was run at airports by the Verified Identity Pass Company, there are concerns about who will keep the personal information, if it is protected or could it be sold to the highest bidder. There are over a quarter million peoples information in the system this includes fingerprints, Social Security numbers, eye scans, digital photos, home addresses and other personal information. They used the Clear program to speed them through airport security but now the company is out of business. Since there are members of congress on the list the bankruptcy proceedings and the information will be watched. Clear claims it has secured the personal information it gathered. Clear airport kiosks have been wiped clean of data. TSA has wiped their hands clean of having anything to do with the clear program. Somebody needs to step up here and it appears to be Homeland Security as the only government agency able to handle having this kind of information. The 260,000 members of Clear need to contact congress and force their representatives to make TSA and Homeland Security take care of this before time and information slips away.

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