Tea512 crew at the No Doubt Show

The Tea512 gang had our first summer outing and want to than all that attended. We went to the No Doubt and Paramore Show at the outdoor arena in town. The show was kick ass and the rain held out for the most part. We have always been huge fans of No Doubt and had never seen them before. We were surprised at how great Paramore are as a complete band. We knew that had some good songs, when knew they were going to rock. We were not ready for how good on vocals Hayley Williams is as she can hold her own with anyone. They were very impressive and have loyal fans. No Doubt was slick performing on an all white stage dressed in all white as the band poured through songs from their catalog. We do not know the exact number but we think they played seven songs from Tragic Kingdom in all. The standout songs were Simple Kind of Life, Don’t Speak, and Hey Baby as a good time was had by all. Check out the YouTuber who posted a video of the show of Simple Kind of Life.



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