President Obama Press Conference 4 – Rose Garden

It was only last week that we thought President Barack Obama was moving out of the spotlight. The joke is on us as tomorrow President Obama will meet the press to push a key pillar of his domestic agenda and faces criticism for the way he is handling the tumult in Iran. The president has scheduled a press conference for 12:30 p.m. Eastern at the White House. If you are keeping track it is the fourth of his presidency, at least this one is not prime-time and his first in the Rose Garden. When there is short notice it suggests the administration is feeling pressured to address the developments in Washington and abroad. Things that are on the table are comprehensive health care reform, turmoil in Iran, and polls showing that President Obama approval ratings slipping. This is the fourth press conference in just over six months; the President will also be on National television Wednesday night on an ABC special. This is not happening because he is the start of the party or the media is making him a hero. This is happening because the job has gotten tough and with North Korea pushing the young President more times in six months then President Bush over eight years it is time to become Presidential.

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