Another Obama Appointment Tax Cheat

There are times things get buried in the media, this week it could happen because there is so much going on, between elections in Iran, Healthcare, Economy struggles it has not been a banner week for the Obama administration. In case you missed it Capricia Marshall the President Barack Obama choice for Chief of Protocol officer does not pay taxes either. It might be we have heard the story so much we are numb. If you had never heard of the position, they handle official visits of dignitaries at the White House, Blair House and Foggy Bottom. The protocol chief is housed at the State Department In case you do not remember Capricia Marshall she was the White House social secretary during the Clinton administration. Turns out like a few of the other appointment she did not pay her taxes at all in 2005 and 2006. She blames the mail service for losing the returns. Imagine the bad luck not only did the post office lose her returns in 2005 they did it again in 2006. Since she owed money both years you think she might have known when the check was not cashed, wink wink. This assumes she actually wrote a check. Another day another tax cheat, Democrats love to raise taxes but they sure hate paying them.

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