IP2Proxy – Fraud Protection

These days a great resource to have is an Anonymous IP Geo Location address on the web. The folks at IP2Proxy™ have a simple Web solution that simplifies anonymous proxy server detection and turns it as simple as a query of IP address from a local database. If you do not know about Anonymous or Open proxy servers, they are Web servers meant to hide the real identity or IP address. If you are a company, which has credit card usage on the Internet you want to know where your customers are coming from. Scammers will use anonymous proxy server to perform online transaction to avoid being identified. IP2Proxy™ detection algorithm checks a number of servers and posts the IP address to detect anonymous open proxy servers that are in use. A proxy list of anonymous proxy IP addresses is released to download every 24-hour. This is an important need for any company that has unknown visitors to their website. They also provide a free detection tool script on their site that can show you just how much this type of thing happens. This way you can watch on your website and highlight the results of the proxy detection of your visitors. Check it out below as we just copy and pasted the HTML code into this post to show you how it works.

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