RIAA again…really let it go

The recording industry second attempt to prove a Minnesota woman engaged in illegal sharing of copyrighted music on the Internet is under way. The RIAA would prove that the defendant illegally shared songs on the Kazaa network; they are seeking up to $3.6 million in damages from her. They claim illegal downloading has cost the music industry billions of dollars. Defense attorney countered that the defendant has never shared songs illegally, and that the record companies cannot prove she did. The RIAA needs to prove that someone actually downloaded the music in this trial to triumph. The RIAA contends she made more than 1,700 songs available, they are only trying to prove copyright violations on just a sample of only 24. This could be their downfall as proving the song was downloaded it limited to these 24 tracks. This is the only case out of more than 30,000 lawsuits that has made it to trial. We have never understood how this can even be a lawsuit. We understand but this is not a deterrent and it is stopping no one. There is a the change that if you put a file online you are allowing access to millions of people, many more then you could pass a cassette to as was done in the 90’s. The problem is with radio on demand and music videos any of these songs can be recorded right to your computer using tools given provided with the operating system. The other thing about the 30,000 lawsuits is these people were never going buy that music, if it was not a free song, they probably would not want and they would never have paid for it. When they say they are losing money that is a lie the proof is iTunes has sold over a billion songs.

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