President Obama Transparency- not so much

President Barack Obama and his administration are once again closing another door on the white house of transparency. Do you remember when he ran for office and the speech at the inauguration? He told us the age of hidden deals at the White House were over. This reference was used as fact,  it was a widely held opinion that President George Bush did everything in a cloak of darkness. The President of hope and change has decided that declining to release documents that would identify visitors to the White House, embracing a legal position taken by the Bush administration, is the kind of change we need. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington were denied access to Secret Service records, including White House entry and exit logs, which would identify coal and energy industry visitors. Clearly taken a page from the President Bush book, the one they despised so much, you know the one they used to roll on to victory. The Homeland Security Department has decided that most of the records the group seeks are not agency records subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act, those records are governed by the Presidential Records Act and not subject to disclosure. It sounds likes three card Monty just when you think you found the queen, flip the card, you look like the joker. President Obama needs to be careful as the Bush administration fought on the same legal ground for several years in a case that is now before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Every time they tell me that this President is different and that is why they voted for him, it really is hard not to scream out “We Told You so.”

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