Terry McAuliffe can not buy a job

Sometimes all the money and fame is not enough, but this is rarely the case in politics. In Virginia, a shocker as a state senator Creigh Deeds and small-town lawyer Brian J. Moran finished ahead of well-funded Terry McAuliffe, the former chairman of the Democratic National Committee in the Virginia Democratic primary for governor. The victory for Deeds will mean a rematch this fall with Republican Bob McDonnell. Deeds lost to McDonnell in the closest race in modern Virginia history. That was a run for attorney general in 2005 this difference was only 323 votes out of with close to two million votes cast. In the Tuesday night match up only 6 percent of the five million registered voters turned out for the primary. Terry McAuliffe, was able to raise close to eight million dollars during the campaign, which was twice the total of winner Creigh Deeds. McAuliffe used his political connections from his days as chief fundraiser for President Clinton and chairman of the DNC, he controlled the press coverage and amassed a huge amount of cash in his first unsuccessful bid for elective office. McAuliffe was late into the race as he kicked of his campaign in January, and even campaigned statewide with the former president. It is amazing when an election result is not based on money and fame but who will be the best person for the job wins. Cleary the voters in Virginia were not swayed or impressed with the big Washington antics of Terry McAuliffe.

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