Republican Norm Coleman – gets 5,000 more chances

The Minnesota Senate election is still alive, really. Republican Norm Coleman still has a chance as they are going to be adding nearly 5,000 rejected absentee ballots to a race that Democrat Al Franken leads by just 225 votes. There is over 11,000 of these rejected ballots so it was not a full victory and the challenge is to prove they were rejected unfairly. The judges will look at two categories of rejected absentees: those where it appeared the voter had met the legal requirements and those where voters might have run afoul of the law through no fault of their own. Democrat Al Franken has his own 771 rejected absentees votes that he wants considered. The rejected absentees that are now subject to review were not cherry-picked. The testimony had shown that different standards were applied in Minnesota counties for rejecting absentees; the victory of the case was seeking a uniform standard on absentees. It was clear that they did not make a special effort to accept previously rejected absentee ballots if he had reason to believe they were rejected because of mistakes by election judges. This is good news for the Republican Party which seems to be on a roll over the last couple of weeks. We are not sure if this is enough to get Republican Norm Coleman over the hump of the 226 votes he needs to win. We do know that this will be the fourth of fifth different tally we will have in this election and every one has had Republican Norm Coleman ahead except the last one.

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