Oh! that was for President Obama – Approved

Great news for Washington D.C. area as Mayor Adrian Fenty has said the federal government has reimbursed the city for all costs related to the President Barack Obama inauguration. The cost of the January celebration to the city was close to $43 million. The events up to and on the big day were an all hands on deck for the emergency and first responders for the area. The city was paid back for all costs related to the 240 inaugural-related events hosted by the city from January 16 through to the 21st. There were no arrests or fatalities during those events in other areas. On the day of the Inauguration, the city emergency services saw 86 percent more calls than on an average day. This was really no surprise as was there really any doubt that even in these tough financial times for all metropolises that the federal government could squeeze out a reimbursement for the most crowded inauguration in the history of the capital? The only surprise is the President Obama administration could not figure a way to tax the top 1% earners to foot the bill.

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