Federal judge Alvin Hellerstein – Do the right thing

CIA Director Leon Panetta told a New York federal judge Alvin Hellerstein that releasing documents about the agency’s terror interrogations would gravely damage national security. The lawsuit was filed by the American Civil Liberties Union. Panetta acknowledged the CIA destroyed 92 videotapes of detainee interrogations that took place in 2002. The CIA is fighting efforts to force release of the documents, including dozens of agency cables. The cables describe in detail the methods used on terror suspects, the information gleaned from them, and what U.S. officials still did not know at the time the suspects were being questioned. This is another case of the ACLU sticking up for everyone but Americans. We wonder how the American Civil Liberties Union can be filing lawsuits for prisoners of war from a hostile combatant. There is no justification for the need of these documents and cables. President Barack Obama has asked for these to things to released, then changed his mind when there was overwhelming support to keep the documents sealed. So when the President dropped the ball, the ACLU was there to pick up and run right to the court house. Let us just hope New York federal judge Alvin Hellerstein can stop madness put an end to standing up for non American citizens and put this behind us and move on with change, like they said was going to happen January 2oth.

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