You must take the tax payers money!

The South Carolina Supreme Court has ordered Governor Mark Sanford to request the state take their share of the $700 million in federal stimulus money aimed primarily at struggling schools, ending months of fighting with legislators. The most vocal anti-bailout governor had refused to take the money. He is not the only Republican governor had taken issue with requesting money from the federal stimulus package. There will be no appeal of the Supreme Court ruling and Governor Sanford plans to sign paperwork to request the money Monday. Governor Sanford is the chairman of the Republican Governors Association refused to request the $700 million the White House credited the money to be used to help education and avoid job losses. State education officials estimated schools would eliminate 2,600 education jobs, including 1,500 teachers, without the stimulus money. This is the same scare tactics the teachers union uses in every state, the seven billion dollar South Carolina budget will not need to be slashed after all. This is a sad decision for Jeffersonian purists as the thought of Federal Courts telling states how to run their business. The federal government must not violate the rights of the states was one of the core beliefs of James Madison and Thomas Jefferson.

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