What Happened to my Republican Party

President Barack Obama asked the House GOP leaders for spending cuts. They came up $23 billion in specific spending cuts over the next five years. The list of 37 specific program cuts that would save taxpayers more than $23 billion over the next five years and more than $5 billion in the first year alone. The proposed cuts include Safe Routes to Schools program saving $183 million a year, limiting non-defense agency budgets to inflation-adjusted levels, $72 million a year in cuts to the Agriculture Department’s Market Access Program, $833 million a year by eliminating federally funded transportation landscaping, preservation of historic facilities, and pedestrian and bike facilities. Eliminating retirement benefits for federal workers who retire before age 62 to save up to $267 million a year. This is such a safe list President Obama might do it just to say he hears both side of the aisle. Where is the elimination of the Education Department, abolish the $4 million budget of a House panel on global warming? This farce was put together when House GOP Whip Eric Cantor of Virginia said the president could do a lot better then just instructing Cabinet secretaries to produce $100 million worth of common sense cuts this year. Obama told him to come up with suggestions. The Republicans used to stand for cutting and slashing and small government doing big things. It was not like the President was going to take anything Cantor cut seriously anyway so e should have shot for the moon. Once again another opportunity lost. Remember when a whip used to whip the party into shape?

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