D’oh! 266-page doc of U.S. nuclear sites leaked

The government finished the official U.S. cyber security report just two weeks ago. Five days ago, President Barack Obama decided the country needed a cyber czar as a first step to our security. Today we find out the government posted a 266-page list of U.S. nuclear sites on the Internet. Which provided anyone with a connection plenty of U.S. nuclear information and since it was not encrypted either anyone could read the sensitive information. The administration was quick to point out the document contained no classified material about nuclear weapons. They just had all the locations and details in one handy document. This is a compilation of hundreds of civilian nuclear sites, maps, and details of the facilities. The material includes sites for uranium storage, nuclear fuel fabrication plants, and nuclear research facilities. The document was stamped highly confidential safeguards sensitive, guess that is a different kind of highly confidential. This made the folks at the Y-12 Oak Ridge complex in Tennessee nervous. They are sitting on large quantities highly enriched uranium that is to be moved into a $549 million high-security warehouse that will be competed next year. That day cannot come fast enough as they have had to step up security due to the leaked document.

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