Third Times a Charm For Mass Speaka’s

We do not like to speak about local politics too much. Then a day like today comes along when you realize not only is all politics local, it is also corrupt and hopeless. Today in Massachusetts a former Speaker of the House was indicted on Federal charges. Not a big story except his predecessor the last Speaker of the house was indicted and convicted of Federal charges. If that was not enough the one before that one, you guessed it indicted and convicted on Federal Charges. Three Speakers of the House in a row have gone down in the perp walk of shame. First was Charley “Good Time” Flaherty he had a problem paying his taxes, guilty as charged. He was replaced by Tom Finneran he was caught lying to a grand jury about jury-rigging districts on the voting map, Guilty as charged. Then today the trifecta as Sal DeMasi the worst of the three offenders is accused of cash grab and selling state contracts. There is a for sale sign in front of the congress of Massachusetts and based on the track record it is pay to play politics and everything is on the table.

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