Congress to Obama “we dont change”

President Barack Obama watched his war funding request jump a hurdle as House and Senate Democrats reached a tentative agreement on the $100 billion war-funding bill. Which also includes a new line of credit for the International Monetary Fund that funding is a top priority of President Obama, because he pledged the $100 billion line of credit at April’s G-20 summit in London to help developing countries deal with the troubled global economy. They still have not offered up the $80 million to close the prison at Gitmo. This one could be a fight as at least fifty liberal Democrats oppose the war funding measure. There is an item to buy eight C-17 cargo jets from Boeing, which is somewhat odd as these planes are on a list of program eliminations announced by President Obama last month. There is also another flap that flies in the face of President Obama the bill is not free of parochial earmarks as requested, there is $489 million to restore barrier islands along the Mississippi Gulf Coast destroyed by Hurricane Katrina and restore ecosystems such as salt marshes to protect the coast.

First day of summer 20 days
Transformers 2 Movie Debut 23 days
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Movie Debut 67 days
Days until 2010 – 215 days
Days until a New President 1329 days

National Debt 5/29/1999    5,604,198,055,526.11
National Debt 5/29/2009    11,321,599,905,356.40

All the love in the world
Couldn’t save you
All the innocence inside
You know I tried so hard to make you
Oh, to make you change your mind
W. Axl Rose Street of Dreams (2008)

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