Charter Free Gift Card Sweepstakes

Charter Cable the leader in technology for homes including phone, internet and television is creating a new series of bundle offers for more ways to save on home entertainment. As part of this new campaign Charter Cable is attracting new customers and rewarding their existing customers in new and exciting ways, next up giving away a gift card promotion during the month of May for your chance to enter go to Charter’s Free Gift Card Sweepstakes. You could find yourself a big winner of the $5,000 gift card grand prize or four weekly prizes of a $1,000 gift card. This is not a normal contest as the winners can mix and match gift cards in $500 increments from popular brands. This contest is open to anyone and there is no purchase necessary. If you are a Charter Cable current or new customer who orders anything online at throughout May you will be automatically entered to win and will receive $75 or $150 in gift cards depending on your bundle selection. That is right money back just for getting service or upgrading. The contest is part of the easy-to-use website, Customers have been using it to custom build the service bundle that meets their needs. Bundling services saves customers money and gives them access to the services they need. To keep up with the latest from Charter and to get valuable deals and access to great sweepstakes, you can now FollowCharter on Twitter Charter online contests have included an HDTV a day, a home theater system, one year of free Charter Digital Cable® service with HD programming, laptops, Xbox 360 game systems and one Charter customer won a 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid.





First Homeland Security Secretary for Senate

Senator Arlen Specter switched to the Democratic Party because he was going to lose a primary election. Things might not work out as well as expected as the backlash is starting to mount. The GOP might want to persuade former Governor Tom Ridge to run. Polls show showed Specter, as a Democrat, has a 53 percent to 33 percent lead over challenger U.S. Rep. Pat Toomey, a Republican. If you insert Ridge, the former governor and former national homeland security secretary, it is a virtual tie. Toomey lost the 2004 primary to Specter by only 17,000 votes out of the one million totals. Specter, who is seeking a sixth term, faces opposition in the Democratic primary. This is a huge gamble for Specter as he is banking on the acceptance of the party he has beat in five elections and has been a Republican for thirty years. This is just one of many mid term elections that are going to shape the second half of the President Barack Obama administration.

Morey’s Piers Summer Concerts with Radio Disney Artists

If you were thinking about taking a Wildwood vacations trip to the New Jersey coast this year we have great news. This summer the party is getting started and everyone is invited to enjoy a Jersey Shore beach Vacation. The Radio Disney Summer Concert Series will be held in Wildwood, New Jersey at Morey’s Piers starting in June and will be running through August. The concerts are free and some of the Top Radio Disney artists will be performing. Morey’s Piers is not only a great place for a New Jersey Vacation and see a show. Radio Disney is famous for family brand entertainment for the whole family can enjoy. This year acts like Ashlee Keating, Brock Storm, and Tiffany Giardina are already set to perform. Wildwood is a resort vacation destination and there are plenty of places to find a number of hotels & motels. While you are waiting for the show you can hit one of the great attractions which include Adventure Pier, Surfside Pier, as well as New Jersey water parks Raging Water Waterpark, and Ocean Oasis Waterpark and Beach Club. We wish it was summer all year.

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Halle Berry exquisite gentility


This week we highlight last years number 8 women of the week Maria Halle Berry. Halle was born August 14, 1966 in Cleveland, Ohio. After high school graduation, she entered several beauty contests, winning Miss Teen All-American in 1985 and Miss Ohio USA in 1986. She was the 1986 Miss USA first runner-up. Halle has received Emmy, Golden Globe awards, and an Academy Award for Best Actress in 2001 for her performance in Monster’s Ball. Her breakthrough film role was in Jungle Fever. Once she was noticed it never stopped, here are some of our favorite roles Introducing Dorothy Dandridge, X-Men series, The Last Boy Scout, Bulworth, and Perfect Stranger. She has had many roles that jump off the screen, the movie Catwoman, which had the content slammed, was visual eye candy and very appealing. The movie with her first topless nude scene, Swordfish was outstanding and extremely sexy. Her graphic, nude love scene with a racist character played by Billy Bob Thornton, in Monster’s Ball was great cinema and intense. She has been part of 36 movies and has two in postproduction. We will see her in the movies Frankie and Alice and Happily Ever After coming soon to a theatre near you. She is very talented actress, she can play comedy, action, drama and science fiction. She has been a model, beauty contestant, and spokesperson. She walks the red carpet with style and grace. On top of all of that, she is smoking hot and one of the most beautiful girls in the world. She commands attention on the screen and off, as her dynamic beauty is unmistakable and overwhelming. She will be around for a long time to come, as she is Hollywood royalty.

Terminator Salvation Movie Debut 17 days
First day of summer 48 days
Transformers 2 Movie Debut 51 days
Days until 2010 – 242 days
Day until a New President 1357 days

National Debt 4/30/1999 5,585,839,850,171.61
National Debt 4/30/2009 11,238,592,141,958.64

PerformApps by JellyBarn, Inc.

It was only a matter of time to when someone could harness social media for sales, it has been tried, but PerformApps™ by JellyBarn, Inc. seems to be right on track. If you desire real performance social media they have created a no-risk service allowing brands to launch targeted social application campaigns that travel virally, capture attention, and drive revenue. They keep it real by making sure that it is based on a pay-for-performance basis only. That means for the marketing brands they can have a guaranteed result, using a budget they decide upon before the campaign begins. They handle everything so there are no development costs, which we have seen to be a struggle for many companies. They try to forge into new area without understand social media and then try to jam there image into a medium they do not understand. We see this as a great resource and a great way to get high audience engagement. When you are viewing their website, you can see how they can boast an unprecedented client ROI. This works across all platforms as if you need an app or a widget to get your message out they have demonstrated a unique handle on presentation. If you are looking for a presence on FaceBook, MySpace, or other open social markets, you would be best served not just using an intern because he has a FaceBook account. The folks over at JellyBarn, Inc. are on to something big and if you desire a bite of the social media market, they can show you the way.


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RC Bishops against Obama

President Barack Obama on May 17 will receive an honorary doctorate degree from Notre Dame and give the commencement address but it will not be without ire. There are 265 bishops in the US and over 20%, 55 that have publicly denounced or questioned Notre Dame choice in recent weeks. This is the US major flagship Catholic university and for them to honor a politician whose abortion rights record and pro embryonic stem cell research clashes with a fundamental church teaching has triggered a reaction more than expected criticism. Bishop Thomas Wenski of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orlando will celebrate a Mass of Reparation, to make amends for sins against God. Wenski, who is not considered a confrontational bishop. Instantaneously after Notre Dame invited President Barack Obama and he accepted, anti-abortion and conservative Catholic groups launched protests, and bishops began either making statements or releasing letters written to the university president, the Rev. John Jenkins. Former US ambassador to the Vatican Mary Ann Glendon turned down a prestigious Notre Dame medal last week because she was to have shared the stage with Obama. Having the President give a commencement address might be prestigious for a University but when it is Notre Dame a catholic university it might not be as impressive unless it was John F. Kennedy.

Terminator Salvation Movie Debut 18 days
First day of summer 49 days
Transformers 2 Movie Debut 52 days
Days until 2010 – 243 days
Day until a New President 1358 days

National Debt 4/30/1999   5,585,839,850,171.61
National Debt 4/30/2009   11,238,592,141,958.64

My body’s callin’
Won’t ya come back to this…world again
Suspended deep in a sea of black
I’ve got the light at the end
I’ve got the bones on the mast
Well I’ve gone sailin’, I’ve gone sailin’
W. Axl Rose Coma (1991)

MyGearStore has it all

If you are gadget type person then is the place for you. They are a team of individuals who pooled their talents and work hard to provide quality products, accurate information, smooth customer experience, and low prices. They know you have many choices for your shopping needs, and they are always extremely grateful that you chose them. They will do everything we can to make you one more of their satisfied customers. Check this site out for all the cool gear for MP3 Players, Laptops, Cell Phones, and other really cool stuff.

Windows 7 RC & Holiday Release

Microsoft has released the final release candidate of the Windows 7 operating system. This will be ready for anyone to download and try out starting Tuesday. Microsoft expects to start selling Windows 7 by the end of January 2010, but has said this week that it is possible it could launch in time for the holiday shopping season. The Windows 7 operating system adds a few new features, including a way to run Windows XP applications. Windows XP Mode, feature, will let people run many XP-era programs from a Windows 7 computer. There also is a feature that adds a way for people to access music and other media files stored on their home PC over the Internet from other Windows 7 machines. The software maker is counting on Windows 7 to win over businesses that put off upgrading to Vista, which got off to a rough start because it didn’t work well with many existing programs and devices. The high-end version of Windows 7 will run on many more computers than Vista, including tiny, low-powered netbooks. Microsoft revealed that the basic requirements for running a high-end version of Windows 7 are not much different from those of Vista. Windows 7 is better at managing memory and not bogging down less-powerful machines. Microsoft can only hope that Windows 7 can put the Vista problems behind them much like Windows XP did for Windows 2000 and Windows ME.

Five Follow Friday Twitter Fabulous Apps

Well here, it is another Follow Friday, which means it is finally the weekend. We love to give apps and websites we find to make our Twitter life fun. Therefore, here are five more that, you may want to check out.

Tweet Like a Pro – See how many of your followers are OnLine Now, Want to know how many readers have been exposed to your messages? Want to see your Tweeting Habits? Who Retweets Your Messages? Want your Twitter follower stats? Want your expected Twitter Followers growth rate?Want to increase Twitter following? What other people are writing about you?How popular are you (and your friends)? Maps locations, Detailed graphs, 3D Charts And more.


TweetGrid is a powerful Twitter Search Dashboard that allows you to search for up to 9 different topics, events, converstations, hashtags, phrases, people, groups, etc in real-time. As new tweets are created, they are automatically updated in the grid. No need to refresh the page!


Create a poll. Simply fill in the form, you tweet it up and the followers can vote on your hot topics.


Create Twitter Coupons!Enhance your social media marketing by offering discounted coupons to the Twitter-sphere!


Twuffer allows the Twitter user to compose a list of future tweets, and schedule their release. tweet hourly/daily/monthly announcements, appointment/milestone reminders, run a time-based scavenger hunt , notify subscribers about upcoming podcast or video episodes, appear to never sleep.