Fun and festivities in Branson

We have the Florida trip out of the way we are looking for a new summer spot. We are thinking about taking a trip to Branson, and staying at the Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing or the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel. They are in the middle of all action. If you have not been there these hotels are situated within the electrifying entertainment capital of the Midwest in Branson, Missouri. You will have access to shops, boutiques, restaurants, a river walk, and the new Payne Stewart Golf Club. That is only a few of the countless attraction for everyone. Event to plan for are the Father’s Day Salute, National Kid’s Fest at Silver Dollar City, and the 10th Annual Clown Jam, live entertainment, theaters and much more. Branson is also home to championship golf courses, lakes, museums, theme parks and 49 live entertainment theaters. We are leaning toward the Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing due to the swimming pool, fitness center, wireless Internet, in hotel dining, and a whirlpool. This hotel is a category five so each night is worth 35,000 Hilton HHonors Reward points. The hotel is walking distance to Lake Taneycomo and just three short miles from the Tanger Outlet Mall so everyone fun is covered. When you can get all of this and staying at a world class Hilton hotel for only $149 a night it all seems to be a perfect fit. Would be great to drop the ladies off at the outlets and check out the Payne Stewart Golf Club followed by hitting the driving range and may be even venture out on the course the hotel does offer a package right now that you can do both.






Another President Obama About Face

President Barack Obama first said he would stop tribunals at Gitmo, and then changed his mind. Then he said he would close Gitmo, which one is still in the air. Then he said he would draw down troops from Iraq, but sent more to Afghanistan. Today General George Casey, the Army chief of staff said we could have fighting forces in Iraq and Afghanistan for a decade. This would be a part of a sustained USA commitment to fighting extremism and terrorism in the Middle East. This of course is in direct conflict with President Obama plan to bring combat forces home from Iraq in 2010, and the United States and Iraq have agreed that all U.S. forces would leave by 2012. The United States has close to 139,000 troops in Iraq and 52,000 in Afghanistan. President Obama has agreed to send about 21,000 combat forces and trainers to Afghanistan this year to make the expected level of about 68,000 troops in Afghanistan by the end of this year. Casey is plan envisions ten combat brigades plus command and support forces committed to the two wars. He stressed that the USA must be ready to take on sustained fights in the Middle East while meeting its other commitments. Casey said the Army has moved from 15-month battlefield deployments to 12 months. His goal is to move rotations by 2011 to one year in the battlefield and two years out for regular Army troops and one year in the battlefield and three years out for reserves. The Army today has a total strength of 1.1 million and a budget of $220 billion. Cannot wait to see who is right about this one.

Health Benefits for the Unemployed

We want to let you know about the great work Solo Benefits is doing. They are providing crucial aid by offering Supplemental Insurance to those in need right now. These incredible benefits used to be for Fortune 500 company employees only and very restrictive. The main benefit is a company called TelaDoc that allows a member to call a doctor 24/7, and be diagnosed for all non-emergency ailments over the phone. There is no co-payment, and it saves a ton of time and money for the patient, not to mention not having to go into the ER. Solo Benefits is offering a customized package to the unemployed. There are additional benefits specifically for the unemployed, including prescription discount card, discount vision program; a discount dental program, 24/7 financial helpline, and a telephonic counseling service. Solo Benefits is able to offer the entire program to an individual for less than $20 a month. The first tier package that includes TelaDoc, the prescription discount card, the financial helpline and the telephone counseling is only $15 a month. We are encouraging those who are unemployed themselves or who know someone that is unemployed to spread the word about this program. Finally, there is a real word solution to help families keep their medical costs down. it is about time somebody has taken the lead in this struggle for families while they are without a steady income.

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Tea512 will support Sonia Sotomayor

Not that it matters, or that we have a say, but we will support Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court. We believe that as far as choices from President Barack Obama this is as good as it is going to get. There is a chance he will replace two more justices during his time in office, this pick is to replace the liberal retiring Justice David Souter. This seems like a fair swap she may even be tougher on crime. We know there will be people pointing at the Circuit Court ruling against the firefighters promotions in New Haven, and the speech where she say the court of appeals makes law, but we find that she has over 380 judgments total. This is not the fight the Republicans want and it would be easier to let this one go and save the fight for another day. We believe she is going to rule as moderate from the bench and two years from now, we will think she is great compared to what is next. It is surprising President Obama nominated a Hispanic in this spot; the smarter move would have been to wait until a conservative justice stepped down and use this card then. It will be interesting to see if the Supreme Court hears Ricci v. DeStefano this year, or next. It would be a chance for proposed justice Sonia Sotomayor to revisit again the case from New Haven as a Supreme Court Justice.

First day of summer 26 days
Transformers 2 Movie Debut 29 days
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Movie Debut 73 days
Days until 2010 – 221 days
Days until a New President 1335 days

National Debt 5/22/1999    5,596,857,521,196.34
National Debt 5/22/2009    11,301,675,926,828.94

So nobody ever told you baby
How it was gonna be
So what’ll happen to you baby
Guess we’ll have to wait and see
W. Axl Rose Estranged (1991)



Crystal Singing Bowls

There are new items in at our friends at They have Crystal Singing Bowls used for meditation, music, and healing. We are heading straight into graduation month and finding that rare unique gift is tough. If you want a special gift this is place to get everything from Gongs to a Mala Prayer Bodhi Beads. This is a great place to get that one of a kind gift for anyone of those crazy June event ahead, Graduation, Fathers Day, House Warming, and Bar-b-Que’s. They have are the best location for Unique handicrafts from Tibet and Nepal. We were really jazzed up about the new Tibetan Singing Bowls. They are made with high quality and have an individually recorded sound file and pictures. They have been featured in Yoga Magazine and a reasonable priced but there is a Singing Bowl for every budget and they also have a huge amount of Crystal Singing Bowls which are about 40% cheaper then you will find anywhere else. We even downloaded the app for our iTouch that shows the different bowls and you can make the bowls sing, so we can do it away from home. The next thing we want is the Spouting Bowls they have two handles on each side of the bowl and are filled with water.  When a person rubs their hands on the handles it creates friction and vibration that cause the bowls to spout water like a fountain.

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Official U.S. cyber security report Friday

The official U.S. cyber security report will be released Friday. President Barack Obama ordered a 60-day review of federal cyber security efforts in February. This should clear up a few questions for America moving forward. The first is this should be road map for how the United States will fight data-network thefts of defense and corporate secrets, money and personal identities. The next question that should put an end to the debate of cyber security should belong to the Department of Homeland Security or the National Security Agency. There is the question of whether the top cyber security official will be based in the White House. It will be interesting if this report matches the Center for Strategic and International Studies report that said the U.S. Defense Department has had its computers probed hundreds of thousands of times each day. This could also confirm reports of the theft of sensitive military information and penetration of the U.S. electrical grid by cyber spies who left behind software programs that could be used to disrupt the system. President Obama proposed $355 million for the Department of Homeland Security to make private and public cyber infrastructure more secure in the fiscal 2010 budget.

Credit Card & Finance Blog

We found a really great site that has the research and information in a through and complete format. They are not just a Credit Card Application website. They do have links to get applications from the cards they have reviewed. The site is sharp and well designed but you will be most impressed with the level of detail. They are full of information on all topics involving credit including giving you the credit card tips and the latest credit news. They cover a review of all the offers from credit cards like Citibank credit cards, St George credit cards, Westpac credit cards, and NAB credit cards just to name a few. They are here to help as they say right on the home page, “We help choose the best credit card for your needs!” and we believe it. They not only give you the important information for each card, you will see special offers, and the financial reference material. There many things to consider when choosing a credit card that we had never even thought about but they have. A few examples are day’s interest free on a purchase, percentage on balance transfers and for how long, card fees, and any achievements the card has over others. When you think of getting a Citibank credit card, did you know there are three levels or card with differences? Well has done an exceptional job of not only reviewing but informing their users on the credit card industry from multiple angles and it is well worth checking out. Stop getting random credit cards from home mailed offers, or retail store check out deals. They have done the research to find you a card that is a perfect fit.

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FaceBook reels in the big fish

FaceBook is getting a $200 million investment from a Russian Internet investor that reportedly thinks the social networking company has a value of close to $10 billion. The $200 million investment gives Digital Sky Technologies equals to only a two percent stake in the Palo Alto, California based FaceBook company preferred stock. They also have offered another $100 to $150 million for common stock. It was not long ago if you remember when Microsoft bought in to FaceBook the value was appraised at $15 billion that was 2007, guess the recession has hit everyone. This really makes little sense as FaceBook has grown to over to 200 million users and it was only one quarter of that without a huge world presence. FaceBook of course never substantiated that number and internal audits at the time claimed the worth they believed to have a market value of about $3.7 billion Microsoft only received a 1.6% share of the company for their $240 million. This is big news for FaceBook as pressure to make money has dogged the company since it exploded to over 200 million users worldwide. We have not heard word that FaceBook has accepted the offer or if there are, any strings attached.

Google Android Phone Services

We are very excited about this one as you now will be able to use Applications that allows streaming content be sent to the Google Android phone. Android Storage is to launch a set of main applications and a service that will not only allow the user to store their music, videos, movies, photos, and files on the web. Then you will be able to make them available to your G1 or Android compatible phone. They have four cool applications, which include AStunes so you can play all of your uploaded music with the streaming music app. For movies and videos, AScinema will allow you to watch your uploaded content with this streaming video app. When you want to view photos ASpics will let you display your image collection with this photo app. When you need files the ASdisk app can easily deliver files to and from your phone via the mobile storage servers. This service will be a joy and used by 350 million users on the Android phone platform in the US and UK, not to mention another 300 million China. The beauty of this is you can access all your files as if they are stored on the phone memory card without having to use the phone’s actual memory card. Android Storage provides a “virtual” and unlimited memory space for all Android phones and appliances and streams the content seamlessly to and from the phone. This will make any G1 or Android compatible phone extremely attractive.




A Newspaper attracting subscribers

There is finally a stream of revenue the newspapers to try that might work. We have been watching the decline of newspapers as money leaves and there is no way to recoup. This is not the case with The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and the Idaho Post Register have had circulation remaining stable while the former has seen an increase. That is right an increase what is the secret? They give free access to their Web sites to only people who subscribe to the printed edition. Everyone else has to pay to read the newspapers content online. This is a great example for a product that understands how to survive and it is probably too late for the other dieing broadsheets to use this example. The newspaper industry has seen $11.6 billion, in annual advertising revenue leave over the last three years. Still there are other who do not get it Newsday plans to charge for online access to the publication beginning this summer. MediaNews Group, which owns 54 daily newspapers, has decided to charge for the online version of its print editions they are just not sure when. Hearst Corp. is assessing whether online fees could help save its 15 remaining daily newspapers, including the San Francisco Chronicle and the Houston Chronicle. This is all a mute point whether newspapers charge for their online content or not, as long as free news remains on Yahoo, MSN and AOL, newspapers will be in a dog fight to sell content against it.