President Obama lets unclassified the classified

President Barack Obama is ordering two studies of the government and if classifying too much information and using too many different ways to keep it from public view. This is a 90-day review from National Security adviser James L. Jones to consult relevant agencies and recommend revisions. The existing presidential order on national security classification that lays out the rules under which agencies can call documents confidential, secret, or top secret. President Barack Obama also tapped Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to set up a government-wide task force on standardizing controlled unclassified information. There are 107 different classifications for data, with 130 different procedures for applying the classification. These groups will also study the procedures for handling sensitive information and why it is restricted without a compelling need. The government spends $8.6 billion a year to classify information and protect it. This does not include the CIA, DIA, and NSA which are you guess it classified. Spending on declassification is another $43 million. Today we are trying to give more information away and tomorrow the cyber report will tell us how we are at locking it down.

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