Health Benefits for the Unemployed

We want to let you know about the great work Solo Benefits is doing. They are providing crucial aid by offering Supplemental Insurance to those in need right now. These incredible benefits used to be for Fortune 500 company employees only and very restrictive. The main benefit is a company called TelaDoc that allows a member to call a doctor 24/7, and be diagnosed for all non-emergency ailments over the phone. There is no co-payment, and it saves a ton of time and money for the patient, not to mention not having to go into the ER. Solo Benefits is offering a customized package to the unemployed. There are additional benefits specifically for the unemployed, including prescription discount card, discount vision program; a discount dental program, 24/7 financial helpline, and a telephonic counseling service. Solo Benefits is able to offer the entire program to an individual for less than $20 a month. The first tier package that includes TelaDoc, the prescription discount card, the financial helpline and the telephone counseling is only $15 a month. We are encouraging those who are unemployed themselves or who know someone that is unemployed to spread the word about this program. Finally, there is a real word solution to help families keep their medical costs down. it is about time somebody has taken the lead in this struggle for families while they are without a steady income.

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