Official U.S. cyber security report Friday

The official U.S. cyber security report will be released Friday. President Barack Obama ordered a 60-day review of federal cyber security efforts in February. This should clear up a few questions for America moving forward. The first is this should be road map for how the United States will fight data-network thefts of defense and corporate secrets, money and personal identities. The next question that should put an end to the debate of cyber security should belong to the Department of Homeland Security or the National Security Agency. There is the question of whether the top cyber security official will be based in the White House. It will be interesting if this report matches the Center for Strategic and International Studies report that said the U.S. Defense Department has had its computers probed hundreds of thousands of times each day. This could also confirm reports of the theft of sensitive military information and penetration of the U.S. electrical grid by cyber spies who left behind software programs that could be used to disrupt the system. President Obama proposed $355 million for the Department of Homeland Security to make private and public cyber infrastructure more secure in the fiscal 2010 budget.

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