Google Android Phone Services

We are very excited about this one as you now will be able to use Applications that allows streaming content be sent to the Google Android phone. Android Storage is to launch a set of main applications and a service that will not only allow the user to store their music, videos, movies, photos, and files on the web. Then you will be able to make them available to your G1 or Android compatible phone. They have four cool applications, which include AStunes so you can play all of your uploaded music with the streaming music app. For movies and videos, AScinema will allow you to watch your uploaded content with this streaming video app. When you want to view photos ASpics will let you display your image collection with this photo app. When you need files the ASdisk app can easily deliver files to and from your phone via the mobile storage servers. This service will be a joy and used by 350 million users on the Android phone platform in the US and UK, not to mention another 300 million China. The beauty of this is you can access all your files as if they are stored on the phone memory card without having to use the phone’s actual memory card. Android Storage provides a “virtual” and unlimited memory space for all Android phones and appliances and streams the content seamlessly to and from the phone. This will make any G1 or Android compatible phone extremely attractive.




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