Crystal Singing Bowls

There are new items in at our friends at They have Crystal Singing Bowls used for meditation, music, and healing. We are heading straight into graduation month and finding that rare unique gift is tough. If you want a special gift this is place to get everything from Gongs to a Mala Prayer Bodhi Beads. This is a great place to get that one of a kind gift for anyone of those crazy June event ahead, Graduation, Fathers Day, House Warming, and Bar-b-Que’s. They have are the best location for Unique handicrafts from Tibet and Nepal. We were really jazzed up about the new Tibetan Singing Bowls. They are made with high quality and have an individually recorded sound file and pictures. They have been featured in Yoga Magazine and a reasonable priced but there is a Singing Bowl for every budget and they also have a huge amount of Crystal Singing Bowls which are about 40% cheaper then you will find anywhere else. We even downloaded the app for our iTouch that shows the different bowls and you can make the bowls sing, so we can do it away from home. The next thing we want is the Spouting Bowls they have two handles on each side of the bowl and are filled with water.  When a person rubs their hands on the handles it creates friction and vibration that cause the bowls to spout water like a fountain.

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