A Newspaper attracting subscribers

There is finally a stream of revenue the newspapers to try that might work. We have been watching the decline of newspapers as money leaves and there is no way to recoup. This is not the case with The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and the Idaho Post Register have had circulation remaining stable while the former has seen an increase. That is right an increase what is the secret? They give free access to their Web sites to only people who subscribe to the printed edition. Everyone else has to pay to read the newspapers content online. This is a great example for a product that understands how to survive and it is probably too late for the other dieing broadsheets to use this example. The newspaper industry has seen $11.6 billion, in annual advertising revenue leave over the last three years. Still there are other who do not get it Newsday plans to charge for online access to the publication beginning this summer. MediaNews Group, which owns 54 daily newspapers, has decided to charge for the online version of its print editions they are just not sure when. Hearst Corp. is assessing whether online fees could help save its 15 remaining daily newspapers, including the San Francisco Chronicle and the Houston Chronicle. This is all a mute point whether newspapers charge for their online content or not, as long as free news remains on Yahoo, MSN and AOL, newspapers will be in a dog fight to sell content against it.

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