No Gitmo Money for Obama

Members of Congress from both parties clamored Sunday for President Barack Obama to develop a plan for dealing with the suspected terrorists at Guantanamo Bay if he intends to fulfill his promise to close its prison by early 2010. This includes Senator Barbara Boxer, California; her and other Democrats denied funding to move the suspected terrorists. President Barrack Obama promised to close the detention facility by early 2010. President Obama was forced to deliver a speech defending his decision to close Guantanamo, they are still unsure after the speech of how, exactly, the president would make good on his vow to close the prison. The congress was left with no choice but to deny President Obama’s request for $81 million to close Guantanamo without a detailed accounting of where the detainees will go. The Sunday shows were full discussion including Boxer and Shelby on CNN, Mullen on ABC, Kyl and Nelson on Fox, and Gingrich and Durbin on NBC, and Powell on CBS all weighed in on the fact that Congress needs a plan from President Obama before moving forward. This is going badly and will get worse; the prison in Gitmo is state of the art and should be used until there in no more war in Iraq and Afghanistan. These prisoners of war and can stay there until the war ends. This is just another empty campaign promise, another President Obama leaped before you looked.

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