Supplemental insurance Solo Benefits

We came across a site that is important and finally available. The program was previously only available to employees of fortune 500 companies. Right now there is a Supplement Insurance from Solo Benefits that is low cost based on it is usually included as an employee benefit. After a long struggle, the parent company agreed to allow the offer to those who really need it, the unemployed. The benefits include being able to speak directly with a doctor 24/7, and they will call in prescriptions with no copayment as well as a 24 hour financial and emotional counseling service included. This program is timely as there is finally an answer to helping families keep medical costs down while they are without a steady income. Solo Benefits is crucial aid to those in need right now. The biggest benefit of the program allows a member to call a doctor 24/7, and be diagnosed for all non-emergency ailments OVER THE PHONE, and they even call in the prescription. There is no copayment, and it saves time and money for the patient, not to mention not having to go into the Emergency Room, Clinic or Urgent Care risking contracting something else. This has become even more of a risk due to Swine Flu. This program has never been available retail. They offer this customized package to the people that really need it- the unemployed is a break through. There are other benefits of the program including a prescription discount card with anywhere from 10%-60% off of prescriptions, discount vision program; discount dental program. The offer for the entire program for an individual is less than $20 a month.

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