Five Follow Friday Twitter Fantastic Apps

It is Follow Friday, it is a holiday weekend and if you cannot get amped about that, you got no pulse.Here are five more apps / websites that make your twittering life more enjoyable.

Are you following people who are not following you back on Twitter. This tool checks for people who are not following back. This will automatically unfollow everyone who does not follow you back.


This tool will help you automatically unfollow all the inactive accounts based their last tweet. You choose the amount time since last tweet and remove users who do not tweet.


This is a tool used to find out who to keep in contact with and who are they are following and followed. Running this tool with maximum five accounts will more or less reveal the circle among them.

Who follows whom

This tool lets you find out the tweeps out of your followers who have not updated within a specified number of days and lets you unfollow them.



ReTweets is a great tool to measure how popular your tweets are. This site picks up all the re-tweeted stories and grades them based on the number of re-tweets.




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