Kris Allen Really?

We watched American Idol Season 8 and for the most part enjoyed the season. Slash from Guns n Roses was a mentor; Adam Lambert sang a Led Zeppelin song. The finally had Kiss and Queen these are great things as this music has not really been a part of Idol in the past. Last night result was a shock as we did think Chris Allen was good, just not good enough. Adam Lambert was a love him or hate him kind of person, by Internet chatter anyway. It is possible that third place finalist Danny Gokey votes all went to Kris because they are the same kind of singer. This will be another one of those lets see how it ends up a couple of years from now. Ruben and Clay from Season two, or the Carrie Underwood, Bo Bice from Season four, and the best of all Taylor Hicks vs. #4 finalist Chris Daughty comes to mind. Kris is OK but we believe he fame will be short and career will be more of a television personality like where Justin Guarini and Ace Young wound up, We think Adam Lambert will be a hotter ticket to watch live and may even sell more records then Kris overall. The other thing is what do we know anyway America choose Kris. That is the end of season eight, that was American Idol.

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