Homegrown Terror and Phony Weapons

The FBI and NYPD stopped and arrested a four-man homegrown terror cell that was plotting to blow up two Bronx synagogues while simultaneously shooting a plane out of the sky. The men allegedly parked car bombs wired to cell phones outside the Riverdale Temple and nearby Riverdale Jewish Center then headed off to Stewart Air National Guard Base. The plan was to shoot down a cargo plane headed to Iraq or Afghanistan with a surface-to-air guided missile while simultaneously calling the cell phones and blowing up the Riverdale synagogues. Unfortunately, the plastic explosives packed into their car bombs and the plane-downing Stinger missile in their backseat were all fakes sold to them by undercover agents posing as Pakistani militants linked to Al Qaeda. FBI agents supplied them with the C-4 plastic explosives and a Stinger missile. The weaponry was all fake, created by FBI technicians. The four men in the plot included three United States citizens and one Haitian immigrant at least three of the terrorists were jailhouse converts to Islam, angry about the deaths of Muslims in Afghanistan. The four men were arrested after a year-long investigation that began when an informant connected to a mosque in Newburgh said he knew men who wanted to buy explosives. Score one for the good guys.

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