BLOCKBUSTER – The Convenient Movie Rental

Now that the summer is fast approaching and our network shows are all shutdown or in reruns, we move to back to BLOCKBUSTER. We use the time to catch up with latest movies we missed over the winter. This summer we are charged up about the BLOCKBUSTER Online advantage. We always had problems with not returning the new releases on time. The other problem is never having is the movie we want and waiting forever for it to be available. BLOCKBUSTER Online has you covered you just drop into your local BLOCKBUSTER store and exchange for a new movie just like that. BLOCKBUSTER offers new releases and classic DVD’s online and in-store 7 days a week. Here is another advantage Blu-ray or DVD same price no extra charge for the more expensive discs. There is even more options as you can sign up for a BLOCKBUSTER Total Access plans, you can return DVDs by mail or exchange them in-store for free movie exchanges. You set the plan limits per billing month based on what you think you can watch and then take the movies home. There is even a plan for discounted game rentals for renting Wii, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 games and give them a real once over. We realize some might not have a BLOCKBUSTER store near by in your area so a mail in plan will fit you nicely. We reccomend you check it out and get your summer movie on.





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