America is Fat

On this trip we have stopped in three states taken five buses, a tram, and two planes. We landed in a place that might be the tourist capital of the southeast and one thing is plain to see, America is fat. There are a lot of over weight people and you wonder when they let it all go. Is no wonder a show like Biggest Loser is a huge hit, pardon the pun? We work in the city, the office most people take the train or subway. When you do this you do a lot of walking and standing. This keeps these people fit, so when we get out of our bubble and hit the suburban mall, tourist traps or out for a Friday night dinner, which is when we see it. When we go to a place like Disney everyone is over weight it seems. You can count three over weight people before you can find a fit person. We are not judging as the proof is before our eyes and what is worse it the trickle down effect. The children of these people are large for their age as well. This is getting handed down to the next generation and making it normal to be overweight. The children probably do not even know because they are not as large as the parent so they feel like they are not that bad off. We do not know how this happened or when this has taken hold the truth is if America does not curve this epidemic our healthcare costs are going to go though the roof.

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