Slumdog loses the slum

The two children that were in the $326 million dollar movie Slumdog Millionaire still live in Garib Nagar outside Mumbai, India. The 10 year old Azharuddin Mohammed and 9 year old co star Rubina Ali live in a place which means “city of the poor.” City workers bulldozed the 30 illegally built homes, including the two actors shack homes with their belongings inside. The next night they spent on the muddy ground surrounded by the rubble of the twisted metal of their shack. The town claims only illegally built shanties were destroyed and if you can be placed into public housing, which usually is a false claim. The underlying problem is how Hollywood can exploit, generate profits and walk away. They say that Hollywood producers offered them $30k for a new apartment which the family claims is not enough and would just have them moving from one poor neighborhood to another. The other movie money the children made is in a trust set up by Boyle and Colson; they have asked to get more released to provide adequate shelter. It is ridiculous that Hollywood elite can drop a family back into this situation after all the profits they have made and will continue to make. The movie which we have not seen is about a part of the country where people have no hope and just want to get out. Maybe they should watch what they create and act on it instead of just checking the profits.

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